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As Founder and CEO of Therapeutic Coaching Consultancy Ltd, I lead a team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching who deliver a range of services to facilitate high peformance, mental health and wellbeing  for individuals, teams and groups in organisations.   

Our TCC mission is to deliver the powerful benefits of therapeutic coaching to a wide range of people in the workplace at accessible price points that deliver strong ROI for businesses.  Our purpose is to help people to flourish and thrive in all areas of their professional and personal lives.  Find out more  here.

Therapeutic Coaching in Private Practice

Clients who approach me to work in private practice can also experience this approach, with full confidentiality.  Read on to find out about the benefits of this approach below. 

What is Therapeutic Coaching?

The               model of therapeutic coaching combines the solutions-focused structure and energy of coaching with the healing empowerment of psychotherapy and counselling, and corporate leadership experience.

Our highly qualified and experienced associates integrate traditional executive coaching techniques and strengths-based assessments, with evidence-based clinical experience of psychotherapeutic modalities. These models include person-centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis, existential, CBT, and gestalt approaches.​  Our qualifications ethically enable us to work with the full mental health and wellbeing spectrum, meaning our services are designed to deliver interventions that range from prevention through to cure, empowering people to remain in and thrive at work.


Flexible to the needs of individuals, teams, and groups, a therapeutic coaching approach enables people to achieve:


deep psychological insight and understanding about themselves and their relationships with others, and how this impacts their ability to achieve their professional goals


enhanced self-awareness that unblocks barriers to change and facilitates tangible shifts in thinking and behaviour at conscious and unconscious levels (we are trained to continually attend to both levels in service of our clients needs)


positive psychological shifts and new, healthier behavioural strategies that are energising, motivating, and sustainable beyond the coaching, training, or personal development sessions

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Whether it's empowering an individual to overcome 'imposter syndrome', supporting a high performing team during dysfunctional circumstances, or delivering an psychoeducational work-life balance workshop to a group, well-delivered therapeutic coaching combines deep psychological insight with actionable tools, strategies and techniques that people can benefit from straight away.


            services include 

Individual therapeutic coaching
Team coaching
Conflict resolution coaching
Group workshops and training

Research suggests people are most likely to thrive at work through high performance and mental wellbeing initiatives that reach across entire companies.  TCC services range from preventative workshops that educate, inspire, and include, through to bespoke, individualised solutions that energise, motivate and resolve.  

TCC certifications and accreditations include

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Why choose

Alongside significant clinical experience in executive coaching and psychotherapy or counselling, TCC senior associates bring strong corporate leadership, organisational development, and training and facilitation experience to the table, from a wide range of industries. More than all this though, TCC associates are hand-selected for their personal qualities, and alignment to TCC's values

Finger on the pulse of

organisational challenges

Evidence-based, ethical,  expert practitioners 

Passionate about collaboration, diversity, and inclusion

Experienced at working both within organisations and in private practice, we know first hand the most common challenges facing businesses today 

(including talent retention, presenteeism, and enhancing employee resilience and motivation) and the priority themes within employees’ personal lives (e.g. anxiety and lack of work-life balance).  We know what works for others, and what could be the right solutions for you and your teams.

Whatever challenges your people are facing, we're trained to deliver a wide range of research and evidence-based services.

We work ethically with mental health difficulties commonly experienced in the workplace (anxiety, depression, substance abuse, menopause, emotional dysregulation, relationship difficulties, ADHD and neurodivergence) alongside more traditional coaching challenges (career evolution, leadership development, imposter syndrome, enhancing impact and influence).

Shaped by our own life experiences in our clinical and corporate worlds, we help people develop the skills to step into 'the unknown' with confidence and empathy, to build more inclusive, happier and higher performing workplaces. Areas of specialism include promoting cognitive diversity and inclusion, understanding 

neurodiversity, growing awareness of women's (menopause and fertility), and men's health (suicide awareness), having challenging conversations, and building psychological safety.


The            values

Warmth and empathy

we believe with the right conditions we all have the potential to thrive


Common sense and pragmatism

we aim to simplify the complex to deliver measurable results


Curiosity and collaboration

we are continually curious about ourselves, eachother, and the world around us, leading to innovative new solutions 


Diverse and systemic perspective

we hold an awareness of the cultural, economic and environmental systems we all operate within, and believe in equality of opportunity


Creativity and humour

authentic connection leads to lightness, allowing us to forge enjoyable paths forwards


we find strength and resilience in kindness; to ourselves, and each other

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