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"One of the key tasks of supervision is to help individuals and groups look at their work from new and different perspectives. It is a process that involves looking at what we do and how with super-vision, new eyes, new perceptions, new visions, we can see things differently.”

For me, great Supervision is at the heart of ethical, professional, and enjoyable counselling, psychotherapy and coaching practice. 

As a Supervisor I work creatively and collaboratively with practitioners to support them to hold their client work with empathy, curiosity, and compassion, and explore their objectives for evolving their private practice.

Caroll and Shaw (2013: 255)

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"Supervision is provided to ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken."


(BACP Ethical Framework)

"The increasing complexity of the challenges which many clients bring to coaching and mentoring mean reflective practice is ever more important in enabling us as practitioners to work in this space".



My approach to Supervision

In Supervision I hold an warm, exploratory space to allow you to identify the work you need to bring, and empower you to think creatively and curiously about your clinical  work, development goals, and practice challenges. The aim for our time together is for you to know yourself more deeply as a practitioner, explored through the lens of your theoretical foundation and philosophical approach, to empower you to trust your 'internal supervisor' between and beyond our sessions.


I draw on Supervision modalities including the 3 Legged Stool model to support you in these ways:

Formative: focusing on your skills and effectiveness, and supporting you to identify the development opportunities that will satisfy your heart and mind 

Normative: focusing on ethics and professional standards, holding your client dilemmas to explore the way forward that feels right for you

Restorative:  focusing your wellbeing, motivation, and purpose - in my view, one of the most important areas for Supervision.  The more nourished and resourced we feel, the greater our ability to do our best work.

As with my client work, my approach is rooted in my belief in your resourcefulness to identify the solutions to your challenges that are right for you.  If things still feel tricky and unresolved, I know my Supervisees value being able to ask any additional questions they may have about potential approaches, techniques, or strategies for moving forwards. Where appropriate and helpful, I will draw on my experience across my clinical work, my voluntary executive committee positions, and my business experience, to offer a fresh perspective and insight.  

As a qualified Supervisor and integrative practitioner of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching, I particularly enjoy working with:

  • counsellors and therapists who are looking to add coaching skills into their approach

  • coaches who would like to work at greater emotional depth or more theoretical psychological insight

  • established dual-qualified practitioners who would like to evolve their existing practice, or explore their future business aspirations

If you'd like to have a free of charge chat to explore how us working together would feel, do get in touch.  Either way, it's always a joy to meet and learn from fellow practitioners as part of this brilliant community of practice we're part of, and it would be great to connect.

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My Supervision training and qualifications

I was honoured to complete the International Coach and Mentor Supervision Certificate under the tuition of Dr Lise Lewis and Eve Turner and Blue Sky International. For full psychotherapeutic and coaching qualifications and experience please click here

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