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executive coaching

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In a post-pandemic world of economic uncertainty, business leaders need new solutions to meet new challenges.  An ability to demonstrate empathy and emotional intelligence, and create psychological safety within teams, are more valued than ever before. 

While change can bring opportunity and excitement, it can also be exhausting, disrupt optimal work life balance, and increase the prevalence of 'imposter syndrome' and risk of burn out.

That's where my solutions-focused, relational, and systemic approach to coaching can really help. 

I'm a firm believer in being able to 'bring your whole self to work'.  The holistic 3 Cs approach will accelerate your individual effectiveness, enhance your authentic self, and align the personal and professional values that will empower you to thrive.


Clients tell me they gain a deep understanding of what makes them tick, what's getting in their way, and how this all impacts their own behaviour and their relationships with those around them.  


With enhanced self-awareness and confidence, combined with newly developed strategies, tools and techniques to overcome barriers, the energy can be focused where it needs to be:  

personal and professional growth.

specialist areas below


leading through transformational change


The prospect of change impacts people in unique and individual ways, dependent on the meaning they ascribe to it.  And research shows round two thirds of humans are resistant to it.  

For leaders, the challenge is to be fully aware of their own personal reactions and responses, in order to effectively hold the polarity of views and needs of team members, and all business stakeholders.

These leaders can honour and celebrate the past, whilst moving proactively and collaboratively forward into the future. 

Inspiring, authentic leadership empowers teams to co-create transformational change together.



Career success is exhilarating and rewarding.  The challenge is sustaining peak performance levels in high pressure environments.  Leaders can be at risk of developing unhealthy coping strategies, impacting their professional performance, and personal relationships and wellbeing.

Accessing our resilience, and creating productive strategies to enhance balance between high motivation or 'healthy stress' levels, and unproductive, performance-impacting anxiety, is vital. 

My approach identifying unhelpful cognitive schemes and creating opportunities to bring unconscious characteristics into awareness (eg. source of 'imposter syndrome'). 

Your energy is precious, and deserves precision focus.


career evolution


Michelle Obama said "Success isn't about how your life looks to others. It's about how it feels to you."  


I believe we continually evolve as people and professionals, throughout our lives and careers.  Gaining  clarity about our purpose enables us to create strategies to pivot, reinvent, and re-energise  ourselves.


My approach includes understanding what success means to, and why (less obvious than it sounds). We will discover and address self-limiting beliefs and perceived blocks to success, and co-create ways to

overcome them.


Deep self-awareness provides the springboard to long-term professional success in the future, and balanced, resilient personal fulfillment in the present.



"The sessions I have had have been invaluable - for the first time in years I feel I have focus regarding my short and long-term goals that apply to both my career and family life.  It has been utterly transformative and I am already using strategies to enable me to pursue my work and personal ambitions.  I couldn't recommend Lucy more highly."


"Lucy coached me at a crucial time in my career, a time when I needed clear thinking, direction and sound actionable advice. Lucy’s ability to understand, appreciate and bring clarity to our sessions, provided me with the focus that I needed, and I was able to follow up with action and progress each time."


"Lucy helped me identify areas where I could try a new approach, and helped me get to grips with my weak spots in a very supportive and encouraging way.  I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone who wants to improve their relationships and impact at work.”

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