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“Great things in business are never done by one person.  They're done by a team of people.”

(Steve Jobs)

The 3 Cs Strategy facilitates innovative group sessions that will inspire, challenge, and promote cohesion and self-discovery in a trusting, collaboratively motivated environment.

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When you've experienced a life changing event such as becoming a parent, long term illness or personal loss, returning to work can feel daunting.  Your life has changed beyond words, yet it seems everyone else has stayed the same. It's hard not to feel pressurised to assimilate quietly back into the status quo.  Yet your experience will have given you new strengths, perspectives, and innovative ways of thinking that will be of great value to you and your business.


Resilience, motivation, empathy, perseverance, courage, compassion and strength of conviction are all personal qualities that can develop out of life changing circumstances. The question is, how can you identify and harness this power?

This '3 Cs' workshop creates a network of like-minded co-workers to empower and support each other in recognising the unique value they bring to the business table.  Attendees will take away renewed confidence and practical strategies to work towards achieving stretching business goals, and the ability to communicate proudly, confidently and unapologetically.

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Since October 2017 the #MeToo movement has ignited an important and powerful dialogue about prejudice, discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Studies into the impact on the workplace are hard to ignore. Research by LeanIn.Org found "almost 30% of male managers are uncomfortable working alone with a woman—more than twice as many as before. A Pew Research Center Survey found that 51%  believe that the increased focus on sexual harassment “has made it harder for men to know how to interact with women in the workplace.”

So what does this all mean for companies who value diversity, collaboration and equality, and ultimately want to deliver the best business results possible?

This workshop is for companies who are brave, progressive, and trusting enough (of both their staff and their cultures) to allow their senior executives to address the elephant in the room.  Through transparent and honest communication, the team are facilitated in being able to safely, honestly and respectfully challenge the policies in place, each other,  and the company culture, and the wider industry.  The result of the workshop is to collaboratively create  your own internal strategies from top down, to ensure all staff are supported, regardless of gender, and that ultimately that business can continue to thrive.

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In 2019 businesses are facing more challenges than ever before,  meaning a continual drive for innovation, and consequently business change, is necessary.  The experience of 'change' varies hugely from one individual to the next, with connotations of excitement and opportunity for some, but demotivation and anxiety for others. Within a senior management team environment this can means dramatically different reactions to the same business initiative.  How can a team move forwards with cohesion and proactivity to  successfully lead a company to the next level?

The  philosophy of the '3 Cs Strategy' is to recognise the importance of both valuing and validating all individual experience. This workshop will facilitate executives openly and authentically communicating, allowing greater clarity to be achieved around what the change entails, and each person's unique contribution within it.   Personal and company values will become aligned, and the team united in their motivation towards achieving business objectives.

The team will work collaboratively to create clear strategies to move efficiently and effectively through each specific stage of the transition.  Each member will feel recognised and supported, and therefore empowered and confident in their own, and the company's, ability to succeed.  

Jumping Off the Plane

other workshops include:


* taking creative risks under pressure

* inspirational leadership

* creating balance in a 24 hour culture

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