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frequently asked questions

If you have any questions you don't feel are answered in this list, please do give me a call or drop me an email. 

  • How much does Executive Coaching cost?
    The cost of Executive Coaching depends on whether you are a corporate or individual (self funding) client: * Corporate executive coaching fees are negotiated with the HR/Learning and Development department of a company and dependent on factors including length of coaching relationship, location and travel, number of clients within the same business. My fees are in line with industry standard, ILM Level 7 qualified, EMMC registered, Executive Coaching and Mentoring in London and the UK. * Individual coaching fees (self funded) are dependent on location of meetings and length of coaching relationship (the more sessions, the more cost effective). You may well be getting in touch via a referral, in which case the same fees will apply. Our initial chat on the phone or over a coffee is completely free. I'm always happy to meet new people and this approach takes all the pressure off (although I'm confident that we'll meet again!) My individual coaching fees are in line with the industry standard level based on my qualifications and experience (as above), and I'm happy to give further guidance and recommendations in this area.
  • How much do Group Workshops cost?
    Workshops fees are in line with the industry standard for coaching delivered at ILM Level 7 EMCC registered. As a well researched and adaptable company, the Workshops developed through the '3 Cs Strategy' can be adapted to fit your company's available Learning and Development budget. The EMCC ethical guidelines requires pricing to be transparent, fair, and honest about what can be achieved within the available resource. The cost of Group Workshops depends on: * Number of workshop attendees (standard cost for 5-8 attendees) * Length of workshop (durations can vary for quick 0.5 days to up to 3 days, dependent on depth and scope of group objectives) * Location of workshop * Design of workshop agenda (see Can I design my own Group Workshop?)
  • Can I design my own Group Workshop for my business?
    The Group Workshops page outlines the types of workshop we have to offer, and the objectives that they can achieve. However, we understand that each company, large or small, has unique needs and perspectives and we will work with you to design a Workshop that is most relevant and impactful for your business. We will also be flexible to the size of the group and adapt the approach to the skillset and experience of the individuals attending.
  • How much does Life Coaching cost?
    If you're considering Life Coaching, I understand that it might be nerve wracking thinking about next steps, particularly if there is financial investment involved. I know from personal experience there is no better investment that one you make in yourself, and your future. For that reason I'm very happy to have a first 45 minute confidential chat together free of charge with no obligation, so that we can help get you some clarity about what the might be the best way forward for you. These options may include: * Short term coaching: suitable for 'quick fix' decision making, rebooting ambition, or focusing motivation towards a specific up and coming event. * Ranges from 3 - 6 sessions (60-90 minutes), costing between approximately £150 - £500 dependent on location, duration and recurrence of meetings. * Medium term coaching support: suitable for supporting through bigger life changes eg new training/career/job, relationship changes, fitness and weight loss programmes, addictive behaviour and health changes. * Ranges beween 6 - 10 sesions (60-90 minutes), costing between £500 and £950 dependent as above, but can be spread out over a longer period. Top up sessions and support available throughout duration of coaching relationship via email, phone, Skype, included in cost. As with all things in life, everything is negotiable! But I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals, so I want to make sure we're the right fit for each other, and that you get strong Return on Investment at the end of our time together. We will set specific SMART goals and objectives at the start of our coaching together, so we can measure your progress and ensure ROI is achieved.
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