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Executive Coaching

With more pressures on businesses than ever before, it's never been more exciting and competitive, yet potentially more lonely and stressful, at the top than it is today.  You might be at a career crossroads, feel a vital promotion is deserved but out of reach, in your dream job but feeling inexplicably anxious, want to know how to influence colleagues more effectively and lead your team with more charisma, avoid frustrating internal office politics, or simply want to reignite your passion and drive for your career.  


If any of these sound like you then you'll benefit from confidential, outcome-oriented, strategic coaching with a cheerleader like me.  The '3 Cs Coach' approach is a powerful one-on-one relationship, built on trust and honesty, which will accelerate individual effectiveness, increase self-awareness, and align corporate and personal values in order to harness greater positive energy and ultimately achieve career success.  

Is Executive Coaching right for me? 

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Thriving Under Pressure: 

Career success is exhilarating and highly rewarding:  enhance high performance levels by creating productive strategies to sustain balance between high motivation and 'healthy stress' levels, and unproductive or performance-impacting anxiety. I help by:

  • using psychometric testing to identify key personal strengths and core values, and appreciating their power in impacting you individually, and within key interpersonal relationships

  • identifying  opportunities to bring unconscious vulnerabilities into awareness in order to facilitate positive behavioural change

  • recognising and addressing imposter syndrome; finding strategies to authentically communicate with peers and team members, and influence stakeholders and decision makers.

  • identifying areas of 


Returning to the Workplace: 

- creating powerful impact after parental leave, sickness, or loss

- recognising new strengths, perspectives and balance strategies

Career Progression:

I help by:

- crystallising strategic focus and helping you proactively gaining momentum through creating clear, actionable, measurable plans

- use psychometric testing to uncover s removing self-limiting beliefs and perceived blocks to success, including imposter syndrome 

By the end of our first session together you'll have greater clarity on where you are, where you might want to get be next, and a glimpse of how you might get there.  With a foot now  firmly on the path forwards, the feedback at this stage is often that a metaphorical weight will feel lifted.

There is no set time frame to executive coaching, with a relationship ranging from 6 sessions to continuing across a year; each strategy is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the professional.  At this stage individual goals  are aligned with business objectives to create laser-sharp focus and enable you to achieve maximum impact both professionally and personally.


In each session I will listen, probe, challenge, offer insight, and add strategic focus, with you as the client always firmly in the driving seat when defining the content, agenda and outcomes. 


As  your '3 Cs Coach' I will select from a tool kit which, dependent on your needs, may include psychometric testing and inter-relationship analysis, all tailored to most effectively break down challenges, create surprising new options, and achieve powerful breakthroughs.

All coaching is confidential, and built on trust, integrity and professionalism in line with the EMCC Code of Ethics.

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